Golf Boot Camp, Golf Performance Holidays

golf performance holiday, golf boot campGolf Boot Camps or residential golf lessons or academies are the fastest way for players of all abilities to improve their golf game while improving their fitness and wellbeing.

Golf Boot camps and academies often include high tech video analysis and golf-specific gym equipment machines to:

Strengthen muscle groups that contribute to an efficient and powerful swing.
Develop trunk rotation and a balanced swing.
Teach you to break bad habits and use correct muscles.

Golf performance programmes are individually tailored while focusing on chipping, putting, bunkers, pitching and the mental game. They also provide a great venue to socialise and network whilst developing your golf game. If you don't fancy going on your own then why not organise a group of friends to go together so you can all benefit from golf performance holidays.

Golf Boot Camps can focus purely on the short game, long game and can cater for large or small parties, females only and even corporate events.